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Engagement Process

Cultivate21 prepares proposals for potential clients based on a needs-analysis and client expected outcomes.  Proposals are prepared as a “packaged” price, including all travel expenses within the price of the services.  Services are offered in ½ day or full day increments for professional development sessions and coaching/facilitation experiences.  Client will receive a formal proposal, and to engage and secure dates, the client must sign and return the proposal within 5 business days.  If redesign is needed on the proposal, the client agrees to contact Cultivate21 as soon as possible and a new copy of the proposal will be sent promptly.  Discussed upon dates are not secured until the proposal is returned to Cultivate21.  Upon receiving the signed proposal, a formal master services agreement will be drawn between Cultivate21 and the client, and the client will need to send the copy back to Cultivate21 within 2 days. 

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